Concrete cancer occurs when the iron rods that reinforce a concrete slab, that apartment blocks and business premises are made off these days, rusts from the inside. When iron rods rust, they expand. This displaces the concrete that surrounds them, which cracks and exposes the structure as well as the metal framework. Concrete cancer is […]

Painting your home or establishment is like getting a haircut that you will have for years: you hope they don’t mess it up. Which is why, in the sea of painters offering their services, it important to use a business that stands out from the rest. We offer Electrostatic Spray Painting & Fire Rating Spraying […]

We often get to hear complaints from property owners about how their paint does not last long enough or of how it is always chipping off. Investing in paint jobs every so often can indeed be very costly and is definitely not feasible. So how can you make sure your paint lasts for a long […]

Both concrete stain and paint add beauty to concrete flooring. With concrete stain, the Commercial Painter Sydney stains over the concrete, enhancing it with different colours for a beautiful look. With paint, the painter uses the paint which is a decorative addition as well as a protective coating of the concrete. There are differences between […]

There are a lot of factors that a business company needs to take into consideration when hiring a commercial painting service. An amateur company with limited experiences can cause you a lot of trouble as well as money. Look out for the company’s reputation One of the things that you need to check out while […]