We offer a service that provides up to 120 minutes of fire protective coatings of structural steel.

Zoran The Painter is one of the few painters in Sydney who are fully trained and approved as a fire rated paint applicators. We are qualified and own the full certification which makes our clients put their trust in our paint jobs and Fire Rating Spraying to save them and their building in case of fire.

We use top quality fire rated coatings such as Fire Free 88 that provides up to 120 minutes of passive fire protection on metal surfaces, plasterboard, and fibrous plaster at a fraction of the cost.  Zoran The Painter ensures an accurate fire rating and a good appearance of the finished job so your design is not compromised. You would not even guess if the paint used is anything different.

Why Choose Zoran The Painter for Fire Rated Painting?

1. With Zoran The Painter, you do not have to hire a fire engineer separately. We provide an accurate and reliable fire rating just like any fire engineer would.

2. With fire-engineering companies, often the end job is not as tidy and accurate as a professional painter would do it. But with Zoran The Painter, good appearance in the finished job is guaranteed.

3. Unlike fire-engineering companies, our expertise is not limited to fire rated paints only. We have experience in fire rated spraying and in working in occupied residential or commercial premises as well.

4. Our team is trained and has the considerable experience to work with a dense paint like FF88 and spray it in an even layer to the precise thickness.

5. Zoran The Painter is very experienced in spraying inside occupied buildings. Your belongings, furniture, commercial stock, walls, floors, and other surfaces are safely covered and fully sealed in plastic sheets and protected from getting stained from the paint overspray.

6. We do not ap
ply the same thickness of fire rating sprays to every structure. We adjust the coating to be thicker or thinner according to the thickness of the structural steel

What is Fire Free 88?

FF88 is a premium quality fire-retardant paint for interior ceilings and walls. It has an intumescent property with a decorative matte finish that retards flame spread by reacting to heat and forming a thick cellular char blanket. This thickened cellular char is known as intumescence.

Where can be Fire Free 88 used?

FF88 is suitable to be applied to previously-primed or painted- wood, drywall, cellulose tile, concrete, masonry, structural steel or any other metal and cured plaster. However, fire rated painting is most requested by:

1. Councils
2. Fire engineers
3. Strata buildings
4. Businesses that need to submit their Compliance Certificate on fire-rating
5. Heritage building managers
6. Nursing homes and retirement villages
7. Atriums
8. Showrooms

Advantages of Fire Free 88 in a quick glance:

• It expands and forms a thick cellular char blanket when in contact with fire to reduce excessive heat penetration, delay flame spread and minimise the development of smoke.
• The application is similar to a conventional latex flat paint and is actually easy.
• It gives a decorative matte finish when dried.
• Odour Free.
• Low VOC’s.
• Washes without spotting or loss of fire rated property.
• It prevents the structural steel frame from collapsing.

Zoran The Painter has the expertise in the application of Fire Protection Spray Painting. Over the years our team has handled several large-scale projects for fire rated paints and all resulted in an attractive finish with an ease of the coating operation. Contact Zoran The Painter to protect your building during a fire. Call us now at 0425 444 425.


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