Electrostatic Spray Painting & Fire Rating Spraying – Two innovative painting methods

Painting your home or establishment is like getting a haircut that you will have for years: you hope they don’t mess it up. Which is why, in the sea of painters offering their services, it important to use a business that stands out from the rest.

We offer Electrostatic Spray Painting & Fire Rating Spraying – Only the Best Professional Painters are offering

At Zoran The Painter, we provide two innovative methods that most painting services haven’t even caught up to yet: Electrostatic Spray Painting & Fire Rating Spraying. Because we know that to be the best, you have to be ahead of the game in innovation.

Here is how they work:

Electrostatic Spray Painting

Electrostatic spray painting is a technologically innovative method of painting based on the simple principle of ‘opposites attract.’ It works by positively charging the paint and then spraying it onto a negatively charged surface.

This powerful electrostatic attraction and method have many benefits including:

  • It is cost effective
  • It gives a uniform and impeccable finish without drips or marks
  • It is resilient to harsh environments and free from wear, peeling or flaking, extending the life of the object
  • It can be applied to hard to reach places easily
  • Electrostatic spray painting is also eco-friendly with hardly any run-off, fewer paint particles in the air as well as low VOC emissions

Electrostatic Spray Painting is used mostly for metals and also very popular for painting cars. Surfaces include:

  • Shop front framework and doors and windows
  • Signage, roller shutters
  • Aluminum doors and frames
  • Rales, staircases, fencing and office furniture

Fire Rating Spraying

Fire Rating Spraying adds a protective coat to surfaces and is another innovative technology which Zoran The Painter is pioneering in the painting industry. It is used by those who want to go the extra step further in safety for their home, business or establishment. Where before you might require a fire engineer, Zoran the painter is a fully licensed Fire Rating Applicator. The benefits for Fire Rating Spraying with Zoran The Painter are:

  • Our Fire Rating Paint provide up to 120 minutes of passive fire protection
  • We can give an accurate fire rating
  • Our spraying is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and the design and look won’t be compromised
  • Our paint delays the spread of flames and minimizes the development of smoke
  • We are able to paint occupied buildings without getting paint on surrounding areas
  • Our Fire Free 88 coats are odour free and low in VOC’s

At Zoran the Painter, we understand that providing the best painting service means being ahead of the game. For Sydney’s number 1 professional painting service, contact us at 0425 444 425