Why treating concrete cancer is more important than many in the building industry believe it is.

Concrete cancer occurs when the iron rods that reinforce a concrete slab, that apartment blocks and business premises are made off these days, rusts from the inside.
When iron rods rust, they expand. This displaces the concrete that surrounds them, which cracks and exposes the structure as well as the metal framework.

Concrete cancer is dangerous

When iron bars rust, they weaken a building’s structure. Chunks of concrete can break off the structure and even fall on resident, or passerby’s head – injuring or even killing them.

They cause accidents with legal implications that could follow

If you’re a business or commercial premise owner, or the member of an apartment block council, you could be liable and have legal action taken against you if this happens.

The way to arrest cancer is to treat it

Zoran painters is an experienced hand at this.
One of the few Specialise Painters in Sydney with the necessary authorization, skills, qualifications and experience to detect concrete cancer problems and treat them, we help you get into damage control – before there is a formal need for you too.

We treat the concrete, then we paint it

Rather than split the job into two – which makes getting quotes cumbersome and hard to manage, we are a one-stop solution that you can use to get the whole job done with one team of experts skilled at both treating walls and then coating and painting them professionally with the colours of your choice.

concrete cancer repair Sydney

As professional as you are

At Zoran Painters, we are professional enough to know that teams get better results than solo painters do. So, we always work together – with painters who are permanently on our books.
We use our experience and expertise to advise our clients on the extent of damage, crosscheck and benchmark our quotes to ensure we are competitive and ensure we service our jobs as well as we service the clients who award them to us.

We never forget who awards us our jobs- people do

So, we listen carefully. Understand what our clients’ expectations are – and ensure we work as a combined team to meet them.

Suspect you have a concrete cancer issue? We can help

If you are a business or commercial premise owner, strata manager, rental or real estate agent who would like to know more about our Concrete Cancer & Spoiling Treatment, please contact us today on 0425 444 425 or email us