Interior Painting

Confidence is the key!

We know how hard it is to let workers hanging in your home for few days. For that fact, we will pay an extra care while working during the project & only prime painters will work for you.

After preparing the house & painting it, we will make sure that everything is back in its spot and we will clean the premises for the refreshing new look.

Interior Painting Sydney

The Five Steps to a Beautiful Interior…

1. Setup

  • Rooms and areas to be painted are scheduled with the customer.
  • Large furniture is moved into the centre of the room.
  • Wall and ceiling fixture are removed.
  • Furniture is covered with plastic.
  • Floors are covered with drop cloths.

2. Preparation

  • Walls are scuff-sanded.
  • Holes and cracks in walls are filled.
  • Gaps in trim are caulked.
  • Stains, such as water marks, are sealed.
  • Washing is done where required.

3. Painting

  • Repaired areas are primed.
  • Paint is applied with a brush, roller or sprayer depending on the surface.
  • Ceiling and walls are painted to proper coverage and finish colour.
  • Clean cut lines between trim & walls.
  • Only premium quality paints are used.

4. Clean-Up

  • Furniture is moved back to original positions.
  • Wall and ceiling fixtures are replaced.
  • Floors and carpets are thoroughly vacuumed and swept.
  • All garbage is removed.
  • Touch-up paint is labelled and left with the customer.

5. Inspection

  • Before the crew packs up their equipment, a “walk-around” is done to ensure all contracted areas are painted properly.
  • Final touch-ups are noted & are completed before the crew leaves.
  • After the crew leaves, another “walk-around” is done with the customer.


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