Exterior Painting

Preparation is the key!

Our preparation is the key to our successful work. Unless we have excellent preparation, then the paint will not stick.

It is because of our experience that our prep work is so excellent. When our preparation is finished, we apply the paint or stain in a professional and thorough and efficient way which guarantees the perfect finish.

We have Five Steps to a Perfect Exterior Finish…

1. Cleaning

  • All dirt and mildew is removed using environmentally friendly detergent or bleach.
  • We hand wash delicate areas.
  • We remove all loose paint chips.
  • Drying time is a must.
  • We clean decks and driveways if required.

2. Priming, Scraping and other Minor Maintenance

  • After the loose paint is removed, primer is applied to bare areas.
  • Scuff sanding is applied to glossy areas.
  • On request we also do stripping and feather-sanding.
  • Caulking around windows and doors, and where necessary, putty is applied.
  • We also do masonry, wood and stucco repairs if requested or in contract.

3. Painting

  • A proper finish and coverage of full finish coat is applied.
  • All areas not to be painted are fully covered and protected.
  • Depending on the surface, we apply with a brush, sprayer or roller.
  • If requested or in contract, the second coat is then applied.
  • Quality, premium only paints are used.

4. Cleaning up

  • We clean up as we leave each day and of course, at the completion of the job.
  • We remove all rubbish.
  • All plant beds are cleaned and any paint flakes removed as much as possible.
  • We leave each customer with some labelled touch up paint.
  • All outdooor furniture etc is restored to it’s original place.

5. The Check

  • Before we leave, we do a thorough inspection to make sure that everything requested in the contract has been met, and that the clean-up has been done thoroughly.
  • If there are any touch-ups that need doing, they are finished before we leave the premises.
  • We then take the client around to inspect the job, and let us know of any problems.

Dulux AcraTex


High Build Performance Coating SystemsWhether it’s a multi-story Commercial application or Residential dream home, Dulux AcraTex has the performance coating solution to deliver long term protection of any masonry substrate.

  • Acrylic Texture Systems
  • Total Facade Solutions
  • Concrete Protection Systems
  • Heat Reflective Energy Conservation Coatings

Supported with specialised project specification and technical service, Dulux AcraTex provides practical and efficient system solutions to satisfy both the aesthetic and technical demands of your project.

Dulux AcraTex manufactures a range of trowel applied Acrylic Texture systems that deliver the contemporary render style your planning for but with Flexible Acrylic technology that won’t crack and delamaminate.

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