Preparation is key to a successful paint project

A poorly prepared surface is a recipe for disaster, even the best paint applied by the worlds best painter will not hold properly if the surface is not properly prepared. Taking a little more time to “prep” the surface prior to painting will ensure your paint work has a showroom finish and serves you for years to come.

The Local Painting Team will ensure that your surfaces are properly prepared for painting. Each building is different and we treat the prep work for each project differently. While the type of prep work required is specific to each project, this may include:

  • Pressure washing (possibly with a product that kills fungus and mildew)
  • Hand scraping surfaces
  • Sanding
  • Filling holes with caulk or epoxy filler
  • Treating rusty nails
  • Removing wood rot

Preparation is a critical part of all painting projects, inadequate prep work can result in your paint flaking and chipping within months. Poor paint preparation coupled with Australia’s harsh climate may result in your paints lifespan being measured in months rather than decades.